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Construction workers Job Opportunities – How to Apply

    Construction workers are people who work on construction sites and get paid either daily or monthly depending on the type of agreement the employee had with the employer. 

    A construction worker can either be an official person like the construction manager or just a random labourer who is needed to work to be paid for the day. 

    In this article, we shall take a look at some of the duties of construction workers, different available construction jobs in Lagos and their requirements. 

    Before we go into the available jobs, let’s look at some of the duties of a construction worker.  

    Duties of a Construction Worker 

    • Making the construction site ready for use and all equipment should be ready too 
    • Assisting with heavy machinery and equipment transfer and operation.
    • Traffic control and traffic sign installation
    • All health and safety laws must be followed.
    • Excavating holes, tunnels, and shafts
    • Concrete mixing, pouring, and levelling

    Every construction worker should be healthy, strong and fit to work because it is more of a hard job and will require you to carry heavy materials. 

    You should be willing to undertake training if it’s possible so you won’t make mistakes in your work. 

    Should be hardworking and ready to spend hours on a particular job and have just a few minutes of rest.

    Available Construction Work

    Here we would give you the list of some key construction worker positions that are available for those who can do the work. 

    1. Project Manager at Treasurehall Consulting

    Treasurehall Consulting is currently looking for a project manager who can take charge of all the projects of the company. 

    For you to be qualified you have to meet up with the following requirement 

    The kind of candidate that is required is someone good at leading a team to start a new project or complete a new project 

    • Should be above average in knowledge about computer 
    • Should be a degree holder of any of the following certificates; Bsc or B.eng 
    • Should have a minimum of 5 years of working experience 
    • Should be someone smart and ready to move the project forward.

    The person who will occupy this position will be required to take up the following responsibility. 

    • Manage all construction projects of the company 
    • Ensure that the standard at which the company works Is Maintained 
    • Be a source of motivation to site workers and engineers. 

    Job Description 

    • Job Type: Full-Time Job 
    • Salary: N100k – N150k monthly
    • Experience: 5 years plus

    2. Procurement Manager at Sigma Consulting Group (Estate Construction)

    The company is looking for a procurement manager who will help in taking care of the materials they will be using for their projects. 

    To be a among the company or to take the job, you have to know that you have the following responsibility; 

    Coordination of the procurement and delivery of purchased goods/materials and services.

    • Work with the user department to determine procurement needs.
    • Assist with tendering operations such as invitation to tender, bid review, and award.
    • Handle supplier/vendor discussions and ensure suppliers/vendors meet delivery objectives.
    • Establish and maintain critical vendor/supplier relationships.
    • Ensure that staff/supplier issues and inquiries are resolved promptly.
    • Manage and coordinate the firm’s supply and consumables procurement, distribution, and management.
    • Create, manage, and update a database of suppliers/vendors and contract records specifying – vendor, price list, etc.

    For you to be deemed eligible for this position you have to meet up with the following requirements. 

    • Demonstrate strong leadership skills 
    • You should have a trusted character 
    • Should be a graduated from any accredited University in Nigeria 
    • Should be ready to relocate to Lagos
    • This is a full-time job. 

    Job Description 

    • Job Type: Full-Time 
    • Salary: 100k-150k
    • Experience:  5 years and more

    3. Construction Manager at Mace 

    A construction manager is a professional person who oversees the building construction of any company. 

    The company needs one who can take up that responsibility and more responsibilities like; 

    • Assisting with the ongoing development of the construction phase plan, as well as its implementation and compliance on the job site.
    • Monitoring the construction site to ensure that adequate welfare amenities are supplied from the beginning and maintained throughout the building process.
    • Providing all staff with site-specific inductions, as well as any further information and training they require.
    • Wherever possible, supporting and monitoring systems for managing health and safety during the building process, as well as preventing unlawful entry to the site.

    Secondly, they also gave out the requirement needed from the person who wants to Apply to see the requirements below. 

    • Good communication skills 
    • Hold a degree in construction management 
    • Have an experience with the job in question 
    • Know the computer. 

    Job Description 

    • Job Type: Remote 
    • Salary: 100k-120k 
    • Experience: 1 year and above 


    What is the salary of a Construction worker 

    A Construction Worker earns an hourly wage of N10k and above.  The pay rate is determined by the amount of experience, education, and geographical region.  The amount you receive in Nigeria might not be the same in the US. 

    What qualities should a good Construction Worker have?

    A competent Construction Worker should be physically strong and have the energy and endurance to work long shifts in difficult situations.

    Construction Workers must be active listeners who can painstakingly follow a plan to completion and outstanding communicators who appreciate working as part of a team on large-scale operations that require many persons to manage and install construction materials to be successful.

    Good construction workers have a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and awareness of their environment which they may use for their safety. 


    To be a construction worker can look like a hard job and still stressful but it is worth the stress.  

    It is either you go in as just a Site worker or you are employed in any of the positions we have mentioned above. 

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    You can also leave a comment below. you have any questions about this job. 

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