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Cyprus Visa for Nigerians | Requirements and How To Apply

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Cyprus Visa for Nigerians – We know that it is not always easy to get a Visa to any country unless the commonwealth countries.

Cyprus is no exception to the fact that getting a Visa to their country from Nigeria is not easy.

What is a Visa?

Visa is a document which allows anybody going to another country to enter without disturbance, it serves as a permit to either work, visit, study or stay in any country.

No country will allow you to enter their country without Visa unless you enter illegally and if found can be arrested and deported back to your country.

On this note, if you have been planning to leave Nigeria and you want to study or work or live in Cyprus, then this article is for you.

Read all that have been made here and carefully apply it to avoid mistakes and not being given Visa.

In this article, we have provided the different requirements that you will meet up before you can be granted Visa to Cyprus.

Secondly, we have also given a step-by-step guide to how you can Apply for your Visa and the procedures for paying the money for your Visa.

We would also be telling you the different types of Visas that are available in Cyprus and where they fall under. This will help you know the kind of Visa to apply for.

Make sure you read this article till the end to get every detail.

Types of Cyprus Visa For Nigerians

Unlike countries like the Netherland and Iceland which have at least three types of visas, the case of Cyprus is not the same.

Below are the types of visas available, know the one you want and see where it falls under.

1. Multiple Entry Visa

Just as the name sounds, with this Visa you can enter Cyprus as many times as you wish. This is for business people who are always moving in and out of Cyprus.

2. Travel Visa

If you’re going to Cyprus just to visit or tour going for a vacation where you will enjoy every bit of the country including seeing their movies, this is the Visa you need.

3. Long-term Visa

This is the type of Visa granted to immigrants who are staying in Cyprus for a very long time or who wish to permanently live in Cyprus.

4. Student’s Visa

If you are an International student and you want to study in Cyprus, this is the Visa you should apply for.

5. Work Visa

If you’re going to Cyprus because you got employed to work in any company or brand, this is what you need. This work Visa will permit you to live in Cyprus.

6. Group Visa

When a group of people are going to Cyprus for the same purpose, they should in group request for a group Visa that can cover all of them.

7. Airport Transit Visa

If you are travelling and there is a need for you to stop in Cyprus before you continue your journey, this is the Visa you need.

Haven knows the types of visas that are available, pick the one you want and start your application.

Cyprus Visa for Nigerians Requirement

If you want to travel this year, we advise you to start now with your applications. Below are all the requirements needed for you to be successful in your application.

  • You will first need a statement from the law enforcement agency of your country like the police to be sure that you have never been convicted of any kind of crime. The reason for this is for the Cyprus government to be sure that the applicant is not entering Cyprus to cause trouble.
  • An international passport should still be valid, six months before the date of your travel
  • You will also be required to submit your bank statement, the reason for this is to be sure that you have the financial strength to stay till you leave the country.
  • You will equally be required to submit your medical report to be sure that you are not going to the country with any kind of communicable disease, if you have a health insurance certificate, it will also be nice as it will make them sure that you are covered in case of any health hazard.
  • You will also submit your flight ticket that shows when you living and when you’re going to Cyprus
  • You will also submit your National Identity card to be sure that you said the truth of your identity
  • Pay your Visa Fee, you can’t get a Visa if you don’t pay the fee.

How to Apply For Cyprus Visa

Here are the simple ways you can Apply for Cyprus Visa without any stress.

  • Make sure all the documents that are required are complete
  • Go to the embassy, pay for the form either in cash or you can pay through a bank order
  • Fill out the form correctly and avoid making mistakes
  • Attach your two clear passport photographs in the form
  • After feeling the form, submit it at the embassy either in person or through the post office
  • Wait for the process to be completed
  • You will be emailed your Visa when the verifications are complete.



Is Cyprus Visa Application Difficult?

Well, there is no easy Visa application but one thing to keep in mind is, that if you follow the steps and read everything we have listed here, you would find it difficult to apply.

Can an infant Apply for Visa?

The infant will be travelling with the parents, so he or she must have a Visa.

How much is Cyprus visa now?

The different visas we have mentioned here have their price.

  • Airport Visa – $15
  • Visa on Arrival  – $20
  • Long Term visa – $60 etc.


As Nigerian planning to move to Cyprus, you must read all we have carefully put down here as it will guide you through the whole process.

You can leave a comment below if you require more information.

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