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Cheapest Flight Companies in Egypt | Top Picks

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Cheapest Flight companies Egypt – let’s take you on a ride to the beautiful city and country of Egypt and show you some affordable flight companies.

If you think of one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and the world, call Egypt and we would agree with you.

Egypt is not just beautiful but also has one of the biggest oleanders in the world which people go most to visit.

Yearly, Egypt receives at least 10,000 visitors who are coming to see some of the best tourist centres.

You want to travel but you have checked your pocket and you know very well the money you have might not be enough to accommodate everything.

In the present day, travelling to Egypt is a lot of money because the flights are now expensive and you can’t afford them.

In this article, we have been able to find a solution to the issue of expensive flights for people that are planning to travel to Egypt.

All you need to do is to read this till the end for your to get the main point.

What is a Flight Company?

When you talk about companies that provide you with a ride to your destination, that is what flight companies do.

Airlines utilize planes to provide these services, and they may create partnerships or alliances with other airlines to provide and operate the same flight.

Airlines are generally recognized by an air operating certificate or license granted by a governmental aviation organization. Airlines can be scheduled or charter.

There are so many types of flight companies that should be better called an airline, just like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Fly Emirate etc.

It is in my best interest to notify you that Egypt Airlines was the first airline in the Middle East area of the globe, and when it initially began, it only operated local and international flights.

However, other airlines have captured people’s hearts. The list of cheap flight ticket providers in Egypt with decent services is provided below.

Cheapest Flight Companies in Egypt

Here we shall give you the list of companies in Egypt that offer cheap flight tickets.

You don’t have to worry about flight tickets being too expensive because this covers both international and domestic flights.

1. Air Arabia Egypt

The first company on our list here is Air Arabia Egypt. Yes, this is one of the greatest and cheapest airlines you can get in Egypt.

They offer only two services which are the economy class and the second is the business class.

Its airport is located at Alexandria Burj Al Arab where it can take off and go to only three major places, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

If you live or going to any of the abovementioned places, then you should plan to use Air Arabia Egypt for a cheap and comfortable flight.

One of the sweetest ways they have been getting the love and praise from customers is through discounts.

It is hard to see any company that deals on flight and travel to give you a discount on the price of their ticket but yes, Air Arabia give a 10% discount on your flight ticket if you use a coupon.


Here are some of the best services they provide this airline;

  • Good and well-loaded Sky Mall
  • Luxurious air Café
  • Magazine in case you want to read
  • Legroom space

In the Economy Class, you will get the most comfortable seats with 32 inches

The business class on the other hand offers a comfortable seat with a big room. The only thing they are yet to offer is wifi.

To book Air Arabia Egypt, kindly follow this link www.rehlat.com

2. Cairo Air

Still among the Cheapest flight companies or airlines, this is another good airline that offers its, customers, a good way to travel without thinking of how to pay flight ticket.

Here you will be given the best services and of cause, it is a government-owned flight.

Located at the Cairo international airport at Sheraton

If you are willing to travel and you want to use Air Cairo or better referred to as Egypt Air, you can book them online and secure a ticket for yourself.


  • A comfortable leg room
  • Good food and drink
  • Large room for rest
  • Best-in-class services
  • Pregnant women’s special assistant
  • Every passenger will have their screen

While in this plain you will be given some gifts like some kits and you are also allowed to enter with your pet.

Of cause, they have both economy and business classes and as we all know, the business class comes with a lot of goodies.

3. Alexandria Airline

Another big and still cheap airline in Egypt and one of the reasons why you should enjoy the ride here is that it is a private plane.

The maintenance given to this plane is not like every other Government owned flight.

With Alexandria Air, you can be given one of the best rides and also have a very comfortable seat and can take round the world.

Just like every other flight, you have the first class and of cause the business class, they also have a first class which gives more goodies.


  • Special service for pregnant women
  • Good food and drink
  • Personal screen for every passenger
  • Comfortable seats
  • Free bags and other packages
  • You can select your seat online

These and more are things you will enjoy using this airline.

4. AMC Airline

This is the first ever independent or private airline that ever landed in Egypt and it is owned by a group of engineers which is to tell you that you don’t need to worry about flight maintenance because that is already handled daily.


  • Flight Mall
  • Flight Bar
  • Flight Food
  • Bags and other goodies
  • Special care for pregnant women
  • Big room and legroom for in-flight.

Both their Economy and Business class are cheap and you can travel to any country in the world with AMC Airlines.


How can I get the Cheapest airlines in Egypt?

If you want to get one of the Cheapest airlines kn Egypt, all you need to do is read this till the end. Egypt has some of the Cheapest flights in the world

How much is a flight Ticket to Egypt?

Using a direct flight to Egypt will cost you $360 or even less than that depending on the flight company you are using.

How many hours from Nigeria to Empty?

Going on the flight, it will take just 4 hours, and 12 minutes to get to Egypt from Nigeria.


We have been able to give you the list of the Cheapest flight companies in Egypt for those that want to travel to Egypt for their different business.

You can always check back here at Healthvase to see the trending update.

For more information, you can contact us through the comment section.

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