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5 Safest Countries to Study in Europe

    Countries to Study in Europe – The continent where you will meet not just beautiful creatures but beautiful souls that are all friendly.

    Let’s talk about some of the safest countries to study in Europe, as we all know, Europe is one of the countries to study and be safe.

    It is a place where education is valid and enjoyed with all the good facilities to aid every student to understand whatever they are learning.

    In this article, we shall be looking at some of the places or countries in Europe that will not only assure you of your safety but has good facilities to Aid your studies.

    Have in mind that travelling to any of the countries that will be mentioned here will be one of the best decisions you will make as a student who wants to have the best of your education.

    Top 5 Safest Countries to Study in Europe

    First, you must know that if any place is not safe for you, then you should not consider going there.

    Europe is a peaceful continent, if you have plans of studying in Europe, I think you should know the important or safe places or countries with low crime rates, low rates of accidents and natural disasters.

    1. Sweden

    According to the global peace ranking, Sweden stands to be one of the countries that have been ranked to be very peaceful when it comes to the crime rate.

    Based on observation for some number of years, it has also been ranked one of the countries in the work that has a very low level of disasters.

    Haven knows the fact that the country is safe for all students who would wish to study in Sweden, let’s look into the educational sector of the country.

    According to QS University ranking, three of their universities ranked in the top 100 in the world and it is a good achievement.

    Below are some of the Universities we recommend you try out if you looking for the best schools.

    • Uppsala University
    • Lund University
    • Stockholm University
    • Chalmers University of Technology
    • Swedish University of Agriculture

    All the above-mentioned universities are always available to receive new students and have the most qualified tutors.

    2. Finland

    In as much as we talk about safe countries, we should also talk about places where everything is fun.

    Talk about safety and mention Finland, one of the best places when it comes to having a good time.

    Finland is not just safe for all students who wish to study there but has friendly people who are quick to associate with new faces in the country.

    The educational sector of Finland is also marvellous as they also have some of the best and ranking schools in the world.

    Here are some of the best universities you can get in the country;

    • University of Helsinki
    • University of Oulu
    • University of Turku
    • Aalto University

    The above university was also ranked during the 2022 QS World university ranking and during the Global peace ranking, Finland picked a new spot as one of the most peaceful countries.

    3. the Czech Republic

    It will be nice to say that Czech is the safest place in the whole of Europe with close to zero crime rate.

    When you talk of hospitals, Czech is number one with so many lovely people who are ready to help you get anything and also guide you.

    You can’t get lost in the Czech republic because this someone is always ready to help you find your way.

    In their educational system, in as much as it was ranked in the top 100 of world university ranking, the country has been able to provide its citizens with good schools that are well equipped. Here are some of our favourite picks on universities.

    • Charles University
    • Masaryk University
    • Palacký University
    • Czech Technical University

    There are still a lot of other beautiful schools in the whole Czech Republic.

    4. Iceland

    As of the time of this publication, the most peaceful country in Europe right now is Iceland, this is gotten to the latest Global Peace Ranking.

    Iceland is a country located on an island and turned out to be one of the best tourist centres in the world.

    There is always inner peace to see that you are safe in a place you are studying and Iceland have provided that space and comfort for all citizen and people who wish to come to visit.

    If you are a student and want to visit Iceland, be rest assured that your safety is not going to be jeopardised.

    Their education sector is superb and we have selected some of the best we have seen so far.

    • University of Iceland
    • University of Akureyri
    • Bifrost University

    Though there are still others these are our favourites for now.

    5. Denmark

    This is a country where about five of their schools are picked from 170 and above which means that they have universities that are ranked in the top 200the  of the QS World University Ranking.

    This is another tourist centre with good and accommodating people.

    We also made some picks from the Universities that are in the country, below is our favourite.

    • University of Southern Denmark
    • Technical University of Denmark
    • Aarhus University etc.

    We have other favourites but let’s stop here for now.


    What is the safest country in Europe

    If you are to rank the countries in base on how safe there are, then Iceland will be topping the list.

    Iceland Is free from crime and has wonderful people as citizens.

    Which country has the lowest crime rate?

    Switzerland is number when it comes to a free crime place, followed by Iceland.

    Is Europe a safe place to study?

    Yes, the continent of Europe is one of the best and is the world.


    It is important to note that the countries we have mentioned here are top-notch countries and are very safe for you.

    So if you planning to study abroad, Europe should be your first pick.

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