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Holland Visa For Nigerians | Requirements

    Holland Visa for Nigerians – Whenever you’re leaving Africa to any part of the world before you will be allowed entrance, you will have to pay for your Visa or you have to be granted Visa before you can go.

    It is also difficult for some persons to get their Visa approved, why? Is it that you can’t meet up with the requirements or you broke some laws?

    Well, something you might be doing the right thing at the wrong time.

    That is why in this article, we are going to look at some of the best ways you can get your Visa approved very fast without many worries.

    Before you think of going to any country, you should already know why you’re going there, is it for school, vacation, tourist purpose or whatever it is.

    Before you will be granted Visa it will require you to fulfil some basic things and provide some basic documents which will be used to review your application and determine if you are qualified or not.

    We are also going to let you know or we have provided a step-by-step guide on how you can Apply for Holland Visa.

    Requirements for Holland Visa for Nigerians

    Here we would look at those documents that you need to provide when you get to the embassy of Holland.

    • Know the reason why you travelling to Holland because this is the first question you will be asked when you arrive at the embassy
    • Present your university admission letter if you’re going to Holland for educational purposes or to study
    • If you’re going for work, you need to pay for a work permit and letter of work, clearly stating that you have been employed and you will be investigated to know if you’re assuming the truth or not.
    • You need to bring your health insurance certificate which will cover you up till your stay in Holland
    • A colour biometric picture was taken within the last six months
    • Bank statements from the last three months Your bank account should show that you have enough money to meet the expense of your visa charge and upkeep.
    • You will also be required to show your resident that is where you plan on staying while in the country
    • You will be expected to leave the country immediately after your study or work is done in Holland
    • You should show a police recording clarifying that you have never been convicted of any crime
    • Your international passport with your bio clearly on it and s valid for the next six months.
    • Your International passport should have at least 5 pages free.
    • You should also show a valid means of identification like the national ID
    • As an employed, you should show your income tax return
    • You should show a letter of invitation from your employer
    • If you’re going for the business you should show a business licence or business registration certificate

    Note: All these requirements have to be met before you can be allowed or granted a Visa into the country.

    How to Apply For Holland Visa For Nigerians

    Here we have provided a step-by-step guide to how you can Apply for this great opportunity.

    • You hard to know what you’re going to Holland to do
    • Make sure you arrange all the documents that are required
    • Head over to the official website of the embassy at
    • Create an account with them using your valid email
    • Start filling out the form that will be provided for you
    • Submit all the documents
    • Fix an appointment with the embassy and also go with the copy of the form you filled out and the documents
    • Don’t forget to carry only photocopies of your documents unless you’re asked to come with the original
    • After the appointment, wait for them to review your application.
    • If they approve your Visa you will be contacted through the email you provided during your registration.

    If you can not use the online platform to register by going to the embassy with your documents and they will explain to you all you need to do for them to approve your Visa.

    The step-by-step guide we have provided above should help you get started with your application and we advise you follow it up gently.

    Types of Visa

    Travelling out of the country is one thing but knowing the kind of document you should carry is another thing.

    There are different types of visas you can get which should according to gto what you’re going for.

    1. Tourist Visa

    If you’re going to Holland because you want to see the Beauty of their culture and fascinating centres, then this is the Visa you need.

    2. Students’ Visa

    This is so far one of the hardest to get but if you succeed in getting this, it will be worth your time.

    This Visa is for those that want to go and study at any of the universities in Holland and you wi need to show your admission letter before it can be offered to you.

    3. Business Visa

    Before applying for this, you will be asked to show your business registration certificate.

    If your going to Holland for any kind of business this is the Visa you will need.


    How long does it take to receive Holland Visa?

    The normal average time you should wait for your Visa to be approved is 2 weeks. Sometimes they tell you 3 days but no, hope for two weeks.

    Can I work with a Holland visa

    It all depends on the kind of Visa you are having, if your Visa is the type that can allow you to stay long in Holland then you have to apply for a work permit through your employer.

    If you’re having a short-term Visa like a tourist, you won’t be able to work in Holland.


    Holland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has developed itself over the years.

    We have been able to give you the Procedures you need to meet up with if you’re going to Holland for any kind of reason.

    For more information here at Healthvase, you can use the comment section.

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