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Iceland Visa For Africans | How to Apply and Requirements

    Iceland Visa For Africans – One thing to keep in mind while talking about Iceland is that it is one of the safest countries in the world.

    Base on ranking, Iceland security is very tight and have been able to control their crime rate to the level that the government will be one.


    With all the beauties of Iceland, one thing you can definitely be sure of is that the people there are very friendly.

    According to record, Iceland is very populated as it is seen as the 18th most populated island in the world while it ranked number two in Europe after Great Britain.

    Before you travel to any country like Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and the rest you will definitely need Visa and that’s the only thing that will give you a free pass.

    In this article, we shall be looking at the requirements needed for to be granted Visa to Iceland.

    We would also be guide you through on how to apply for Iceland Visa for Africans in 2022.

    If your ready to travel and your destination is Iceland, first you should know the kind of Visa to get because visas serve differnt purposes.

    So, before we dive deep into how you can get your Iceland Visa, let’s explain to you the differnt types of Visa that can be used in Iceland.

    Types of Iceland Visa For Africans

    Here we shall take a look at differnt types of visas that are available for Africans who wish to travel to Iceland.

    Either your going for tourist purpose or your going for work or school, you will need to know the category your Visa falm under and know what to fill in your Visa application form.

    1. Long Term Visa

    This type of Visa is given to people that are planning to stay long in the country due to work or any other thing.

    People that are qualified to take a long time Visa are International students, people who is employed there, if your married and your husband resides there, if your family stays there.

    Aside the above mentioned persons, others can go for the next category.

    Don’t forget that each persons has a requirement to fulfill and must be done before getting accepted or granted a Visa.

    2. Short Term

    If you are traveling to Iceland on a short term trip, then this is the Visa you need to apply for. The category of people that need this short term Visa are Business people, people going for just a visit, tourist people and of cause people who are on transit.

    Short term Visa is always approved faster than the long term because they know your not going there to stay.

    Requirements For Iceland Visa For Africans

    Let’s look at some of the things that is required of you, both documents and character wise if you want to travel to Iceland as an African.

    This is one part to your Visa being granted, the next one is for you to pass your interview and your good.

    Without further waste of time, below are the requirements to get ma Visa to Iceland.

    • You should have an international passport having at least two valid pages left and has not or about to expire
    • You should have a passport photograph showing your full face and staring facial expressions.
    • Glasses are allowed if they will not cover or prevent your face from showing.
    • If you have previous visas you will be required to make s photocopy of it and submit while submitting all the documents that are required.
    • Make a photocopy of the passport data sheet which is the place where your photo is located
    • Should include a letter clearly staying the reason why you are going to Iceland. In. Your letter, your date of going should be included and return if your going for short term.
    • Also, make a copy of your flight ticket, number and time of departure
    • Your health insurance is very important, you will be required to have your health insurance (have a copy of it)
    • If your going there as a married person, you will have to prove by providing your marriage certificate.
    • Should have all complete documents like your birth certificate and other important documents.
    • If your application is not made in your country, you have to prove that you are legally staying in the said cou try you are
    • If have to show an account balance that is big enough to cover for the period you are going to stay in Iceland. .
    • If your going there as a business perons, you should present your company certificate I’d registration
    • If your going as a worker, you should be able to show your letter of employment
    • If you are a retired worker then you have to show a proof of your retirement fund.
    • Pay for your application fee through the embassy or bank order or any other means provided by the embassy.

    How to Apply for Iceland Visa for Africans

    Taking Nigeria as an example, Iceland does not have any embassy in Nigeria, so in that case, you go through Shegan state since Iceland is part of it.

    You can also reach out to them through the British High Commissioner in Abuja Nigeria using the following email and phone number


    How much is Iceland Visa from Nigeria

    For those who are going on a long term Visa will be paying the sum of N40,000 while those that are going for a short term Visa will be paying N20,000

    Can South Africans go to Iceland without a visa?

    No, if your going to Iceland, you should go with a valid Visa.

    When can I apply for Iceland visa?

    If you are traveling to Iceland, the best time to apply is 4 months before your travel date.



    Iceland is a beautiful country with lots of lovely people.

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