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India Visa For Nigerians | Requirements

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India Visa is not really easy to get and a lot of Nigerians have been looking for ways to move to the country and continent.

This is the only country in the world with the second largest population, for so many years they have improved in their economy, education, Agriculture, and so on.

If you want to study in Australia or you want to work there or you’re going for tourist purposes, it is very important to get your Visa ready.

There are some types of visas that we are going to talk about here, so you will be aware of the kind of Visa to get for yourself and not just any kind of Visa.

What is Visa?

Visa Issa paper that permits you to live, work, study or go to any country for business or tourist purposes.

The only people who don’t need Visa are citizens of that same country but as Africans, Americans, Australians, and Europeans, you need Visa to enter a country like India.

Getting a Visa is not always easy especially when you’re going there to stay for a very long time. You will be required to provide so many documents and some people have complained about being bounced back for not attending to some things there are not aware of.

It is for this reason we have decided to put this article together to help you solve the issue of Visa rejection.

You have to read this post till the end for you to really understand the requirements and the Procedures for Application.

In this article, we would be telling you the types of Visa that is available and the requirements needed for you to get that particular Visa.

Types of Visa in India and Requirements

Here we would talk about the types of India visas for Nigerians and the requirements attached to those visas.

1. Travel Visa

This is the type of Visa that you need if you’re going to India for just travel, this type of Visa is not always hard to get because you’re not going there to stay for long rather for some weeks or weeks.


  • Pay your Visa fee of $252 and the national charge of $2
  • You must be fully vaccinated against covid-19
  • You will also be vaccinated against yellow fever except for infants.
  • You will be required to submit your Visa application form that is fully filled with your information that is correct.
  • You should also come to the embassy with your valid international passport that is still in use for the next six months.
  • Your passport bio-data page has to be photocopied and presented
  • A letter, stating why you’re going to India
  • A letter of invitation from the person who is going to host you
  • Proof that you have already secured your accommodation by proving the address verification
  • Your bank statement for the past 6 months
  • You should have enough money to take care of your stay in India.
  • You should be able to prove your identity with a National ID or driver’s license

2. Students’ Visa

Well, for a long this has always been the hardest Visa to get in any country. India had a very good educational system, especially for those that want to study in the medical field.


  •  Provide the original passport (international passport) which should be valid for the next six months
  • Have a copy of the bio-data of your International passport
  • Two passport photographs should be on light background
  • Go to the embassy with your fully filled Visa application form
  • You should provide your contact details which should include your email and phone number, the email should be yourself not your Visa application will be declined.
  • Admission letter from a well-recognized university in India
  • Have the copies of your educational qualifications
  • A letter from the head of your former school
  • A letter from your parents or guardian which should include their contact Details
  • The Indian university that gave your admission will forward some documents to the embassy like; an admission letter, and an undertaking by Indian University which will be responsible for your stay in India.
  • You will be seen as a regular student in an academic course from a renewed university.

3. Business Visa

If you’re going to India for business purposes, then this is the type of Visa you should request for.

It is somehow not easy to get but it will be worth the stress as India is also a very good country when it comes to business


  • Your Visa is to be submitted within 1000Hrs to 1200Hrs working days from the day of your Visa application form collection
  • You will pay a Visa fee of $252 and a national charge of $2
  • Original passport (International passport) which should be valid for the next 6 months.
  • Go to the embassy with a fully filled application form
  • You should be able to provide your contact details which should be correct
  •  A letter of invitation from an Indian host when should be your business partner
  • A copy of the certificate to show that your business is fully registered
  • You should also have a memorandum of association and the latest tax clearance certification
  • You will also be required to submit your Bank Statement for the past 5 months.

There are still some other types of visas like the medical Visa, journalist Visa, entry Visa, project Visa, research visa and so many others.

You just have to look for the one that is suitable for you and go for it.

How To Apply For India Visa for Nigerians

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can Apply for an Indian visa.

  • You are required to either fill the form online, pay online or contact the embassy for an appointment, Click on APPLY NOW to start
  • Or you can go to the embassy and collect the form, fill and submit it within the stipulated time
  • Do well to get ready with all the requirements needed for you to be granted the Visa.


How much is Indian Visa from Nigeria?

The price for an Indian visa from Nigeria is $250

How much is a 30 days tourist Visa for India?

You will pay only $27.

How much does India Visa Cost?

The normal India Visa cost just $43 and a 5 years Visa is just $84


India is one of the countries you can go to and have a good education or anything you’re going for.

Here at Healthvase, we would keep giving you solutions to your Visa issues, you can join our social media groups to be part of the discussion

For more information or questions, you can use the comment section.

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