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Luxembourg Visa For Nigerians | How To Apply

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Luxembourg Visa For Nigerians – This is one of the countries you can go and have a rest of mind because of the peaceful nature of the people.

You should read this article if you want to apply for a Luxembourg tourist, visitation, or business visa in Nigeria. You’ll learn knowledge from this post that will make the visa application process less intimidating.

What is Visa?

This is an official document that is issued to anyone that is traveling out of their own country to another country.

The Visa is issued by the embassy of the country you want to enter and you must meet their requirements.

Before going to apply for any Visa, you should know your purpose for going to the country because it will be asked during the interviews.

Secondly, you will need to know your reason for going because it will determine the type of Visa you will be given.

Type of Visa

1. Work Visa

If you are a Nigerian and you got employed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as it is now known, you will be given a work Visa which means you are going to their country for work purposes and you will show them your invitation to work.

2. Student Visa

So far so good, this is one of the hardest Visas to get if you are a Nigerian or anybody from another country, you will be asked to provide a lot of things.

3. Tourist Visa

If you get a tourist, it means you will be going to the country to stay for a short period, sometime a tourist Visa can just be a month.

4. Business Visa

If you have a business you are trying to establish in Luxembourg, then you need this type of Visa.

It is also hard to get because you will be required to provide a lot of things that will prove your business is Legit.

Requirements for Luxembourg Visa For Nigerians

Before you will be given Visa to any country, especially Luxembourg, you will be asked to fulfill some requirements which are very important.

  • You must have a Visa application form that had been fully filled
  • You should have a sized passport photograph which should show your face that is clear
  • Your passport should have your biodata
  • You should have a letter stating the reason why you’re going to Luxembourg
  • You should have a valid means of identification like a National ID
  • You should have your international passport having at least 5 pages free and not going to expire in the next six months.
  • You should have made your reservation on where you will stay before you Apply not minding why your going.
  • Proof of Civil status like a marriage certificate
  • If you applying for this Visa from another country, you should prove the stay permit that allows you to live in the country
  • You should show your bank statement showing that the money you have will be enough for you to stay as long as you want in the country.
  • For those in school, you will show your admission letter
  • If you’re going to work you will show your invitation letter to come and work
  • You should have a health insurance
  • You have to be physically and mentally healthy at the time of your application
  • If you are receiving funds from a third party, you will be required to show the bank statement of your sponsor
  • If you going in the group you should be able to prove it
  • Come along with the photocopy of your previous Visa if you have any before
  • You should show or prove that you have paid for your Visa or you have your Visa fee

How To Pay For Luxembourg Visa For Nigerians

If you want to pay for your Visa and you’re finding it hard to do, here is the simple thing you can do.

You should go to the embassy of the country you traveling to and make your payments.

In the case of Luxembourg, there is no official embassy but you can use the Belgian embassy to make your payment.

Note: the travel requirements of Luxembourg can change due to some individual cases, they can request more travel documents are you are not asked for some.

Secondly, if the country has an online platform, you can pay online using your Mastercard or through a bank order.

How to Apply for Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians

Here is the step-by-step guide you need to apply for Luxembourg Visa if you’re a Nigerian.

You have to first go to the embassy which is not in Nigeria but you can use the Belgian embassy

  • Address: 9, Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Phone: (+234) 803 301 68 22, (+234) 806 979 22 33 (visa)
    Email: abuja@diplobel.fed.be


Can Nigerian Work in Luxemburg?

Nigerians interested in working in Luxembourg may apply for a work visa. In comparison to other European nations, finding a job in Luxembourg may be simpler. The European headquarters of a few multinational corporations, including Amazon, Skype, iTunes, and PayPal, are all located in Luxembourg.

Does Luxemburg have Embassy in Nigeria?

Nigeria does not currently host a Luxembourg embassy. Therefore, you must go through the Belgian embassy in Nigeria, located at 9, Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja, to apply for a Luxembourg student visa.

How Much is Luxemburg Visa in Naira?

When you apply for a Luxembourg tourist, visitation, or business visa in Nigeria, you must pay a charge. Adults must pay 60 euros for a short-stay visa, while minors must pay 35 euros (6-12). The fee for filing your visa application through VFS Global is 12,450 Naira.

Is Luxemburg Visa hard to get?

With only a 3.7% rejection rate For those looking for a Schengen visa, Luxembourg is the second country in Europe with the highest receiving of visa application


Luxembourg is one of the finest countries you can travel to with a low crime rate and is good for business purposes.

Though not really one of the biggest when it comes to education but is performing extremely well

Here at Healthvase, we keep updating you on how you can Apply for Visa to your favorite country.

For more information and question, kindly use the comment section.

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