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Madagascar Visa Requirements For Nigerians | How To Apply

    Madagascar Visa for Nigerians is not always easy to get because the country is one of the best countries with good climate conditions.

    Madagascar, the world’s second-largest island in the world with 592,800 square kilometres, is said to be a country of good fortune. Madagascar is a massive island off Africa’s southeast coast.

    It is home to a variety of animals, including lemurs that are not found anywhere else. Beautiful rainforests, beaches, and reefs add to Madagascar’s beauty.

    Antananarivo is its capital, and Ambohimanga, a hillside complex of royal palaces and burial grounds, is nearby. The Malagasy ariary is the official currency, and Madagascar and French are the official languages.

    Before you will be allowed to enter Madagascar for any reason, you have to present your Visa and your international passport which are the two most important documents that will grant you access before they will start talking about your activities.

    For you to be granted a visa, you have to show or tell the embassy why you’re going to the country, it is then they will be able to assist you in knowing the type of Visa that will be nice for you.

    Types of Visa

    Let’s talk about the types of visas that can be granted to anybody who is applying to move to Madagascar.

    1. Business Visa

    If you want to get a Business Visa to Madagascar, you have to show them the name of the business through your certificate of incorporation.

    This type of Visa will be granted to you if your going for Business purposes.

    2. Tourist Visa

    The island has so many tourist attractions that make a lot of people always go there to see them.

    This is a home for penguins, there are everywhere and there are valued.

    If you are just going there because you want to see some of the beauties of Madagascar.

    With your tourist Visa which might last for just 30 days, you will be able to see some of their top places for attractions and experience their rich cultural heritage.

    3. Work Visa

    Madagascar is not just a place for fun but time is also a good place for business activities and has a lot of jobs for everyone.

    This is one of the favourite places for people that own to work outside their country.

    It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and has a lot of population.

    If you’re going to Madagascar to work you will be required to provide some documents which we are going to talk about here.

    Requirements For Madagascar Visa for Nigerians

    Let’s talk about some of the documents you need to provide if you’re u ready to work, study or do anything in Madagascar.

    • You should have your filled Visa application form
    • You should have a means of identification like the National ID
    • Glasses are allowed if they will not cover or prevent your face from showing.
    • If you have previous visas you will be required to make s photocopy of them and submit them while submitting all the documents that are required.
    • Make a photocopy of the passport data sheet which is the place where your photo is located
    • Should include a letter clearly stating the reason why you are going to Iceland. In. Your letter and your date of going should be included and returned if you’re going for the short term.
    • Also, make a copy of your flight ticket, number and time of departure
    • Your health insurance is very important, you will be required to have your health insurance (have a copy of it)
    • If you’re going there as a married person, you will have to prove it by providing your marriage certificate.
    • Should have all complete documents like your birth certificate and other important documents.
    • If your application is not made in your country, you have to prove that you are legally staying in the said you try you are
    • I have to show an account balance that is big enough to cover the period you are going to stay in Iceland.
    • If you’re going there as a business person, you should present your company certificate I’d registration
    • If you’re going as a worker, you should be able to show your letter of employment
    • If you are a retired worker then you have to show proof of your retirement fund.
    • Pay for your application fee through the embassy or bank order or any other means provided by the embassy.

    How to Apply for Madagascar Visa

    Before applying for this, have in mind that you might be required to provide another document but it is according to individual cases.

    Madagascar does not have an embassy in Nigeria but the closest is the one you can find online, which means you have to travel down to Kenya to get a Visa you can still arrange it online by sending them an email.

    • Address: AACC Building Westland, PO Box 14205 00800, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Phone: +254) 204452410
    • Fax: +254) 20443241
    • Email:

    When you reach out to them, you will be required to send in your details or they will send you the Visa application form and also show you how you can pay for it.

    If you follow all the steps we have mentioned above you will not have any issues getting your application done in no time.


    Can I get a Visa on arrival in Madagascar

    Yes, you can get a Visa on arrival to Madagascar which will last for just 30 days, before then you will be expected to might have completed your Visa application and other things.

    How much is a Madagascar visa?

    To apply for Visa in Madagascar, you wi be paying the total amount of $100

    Is Madagascar a free Visa for Nigerians?

    Yes, they will give you a free Visa that can last for 30 days on your arrival into the country.

    How long is the flight from Nigeria to Madagascar

    If you’re going to the island you should be ready to spend up to 7 hours and 13 minutes on Air.


    Madagascar is a great country with beautiful places for relaxation andadvisevice adding them to your visit menu you can come back here to Healthvase to see more beautiful places to visit.

    For more information on Madagascar Visa for Nigerians, you can use the comment section or contact the embassy with the information above.

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