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N40,000 Per/m Free Graduates Salary – How to Apply

    The Lagos State Government says it has placed 4,000 unemployed graduates on N40,000 monthly salary for six months.⁣

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    This was announced on Wednesday during the 2021 Ministerial Press Briefing in honor of the Second Year in the Office of Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu by the Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Mrs. Yetunde Arobieke.

    This, according to Arobieke, was carried out through the Graduate Internship Placement Programme (GIPP) of the ministry, which was created to address the issue of unemployment among unemployed graduates in Lagos State.

    She claims that the program will provide interns the chance to shine and perhaps even learn a job with the company because they will be exposed to professional skills and interpersonal connections in an organized atmosphere.

    She claimed that the program will introduce interns to potential business niches and give graduates the chance to develop employability skills and exposure to the modern workplace.

    The GIPP is designed to help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and other enterprises choose from the state’s database of groomed talent/interns, to improve productivity and boost their businesses. This way, the state government can promote economic growth without incurring any costs.

    “Over 1,932 organizations expressed interest in hiring the interns after their trainings, and 4,736 applicants attempted the online Assessment Test. In total, 51,514 graduates applied for internships online.

    “For the first round of the employability skills training, about 1,000 candidates with scores of at least 60% were invited, and 4,000 interns are expected to receive a monthly stipend of N40,000 for a period of six months.

    You’ll concur with me that the state government, led by Sanwo-Olu, is doing everything possible to lessen the scourge of unemployment, Arobieke remarked.

    She claimed that throughout the time period under examination, the ministry’s Employability Department organized youth-focused programs, such as the “Mindset Re-Orientation Program.”

    According to Arobieke, the initiative aimed to help young people who were unemployed adjust their mindsets to the reality of the modern labor market.

    Her observations indicate that there are more unemployed young people looking for work, particularly white collar occupations, than there are open positions that need to be filled.

    “Therefore, it is necessary to restructure job seekers’ mindsets so that they internalize learning technical and vocational skills in order to be self-employed.

    2,163 jobless teenagers took part in the webinar for the 2020 version of the program, which was facilitated by seasoned professionals with a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, the spokesperson added.

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