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Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria 2023 | Top Picks

    Let’s talk about the most beautiful cities in Nigeria today.  Nigeria is blessed with so many beautiful cities and has one of the best tourist centres like the Ubud cattle range and so many others.

    If you planning to travel to Nigeria for Vacation, we are going to show you some of the best places you should never miss a visit.

    We are going to give you the list of cities that are extremely beautiful in the country with gold development.

    When it comes to Africa, Nigeria is having the lead in almost everything including tourism and entertainment.

    Today we are going to look at some of the biggest and the most beautiful cities you can visit in Nigeria and have the best time of your life.

    Though our main focus for this article is the beautiful state of Lagos which is seen as the most and biggest business area in Africa.

    The money generated from Lagos on a daily can feed one of the nations in Africa and it is one of the best in the whole world with full recognition.

    We would also look at other states that have some beautiful places.

    Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

    1. Lagos

    This is number one on our list today and over the years has been the home of all business-minded people.

    Lagos state is known as Africa’s “jewel.” It is the most populous city in West Africa, as well as the most productive city in Sub-Saharan Africa. The odd thing about this state is that it has the smallest landmass.

    Lagos State was established on May 27, 1967, in the western region of Nigeria. It served as Nigeria’s capital until 1991 when it was relocated to Abuja. Although it is no longer the federal capital, it is the nation’s commercial capital.

    Lagos is blessed with so many beautiful areas and one of the most notable is the Lagos Conservative centre where you see all kinds of beautiful things including some friendly animals.


    2. Calabar

    Calabar is a site that is located in the south area of Nigeria and was once the capital of Nigeria before it was moved to Lagos.

    It is today seen as one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria.

    If you want to visit Calabar, we advise you to do that between August to December because you will have the opportunity to witness The Calabar Carnival that is celebrated every year.

    While in Calabar there are so many places to visit like the popular Tinapa and the National Museum which has some of the best art museums in Nigeria.

    Another notable place you can visit in the city of Calabar is the popular Tinapa Water park which is still serving as one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the whole of Nigeria today.

    We advise you to visit Calabar and enjoy some of the biggest and best relaxations in the country.

    We can’t conclude talking about Calabar or cross river state without talking about the major wonder of Nigeria.

    Obudu mountain was popularly known as the obudu cattle range.

    Mr Caughley, a Scottish rancher, was the first to consider turning it into a resort in 1949. He returned in 1951 with Mr Hugh Jones, another rancher, and they set out to improve the property. Cross River State government now owns it.

    Today the resort is one of the most visited tourist centres in Nigeria with different weather and climate.

    3. Plateau State

    This is one of the most hidden places you will ever think of in the country. Plateau is located in the northern area of the country.

    Today we have one of the best places to vacation in Nigeria with your family or your partner and you won’t even remember that you are in Nigeria.

    One of the notable places that are very beautiful on the plateau is the National Museum.

    Bernard Fagg constructed the Jos Museum in 1952 to facilitate ate study of prehistoric Nigeria. Jos Museum, formerly the National Museum, is an important study centre into Nigeria’s prehistoric civilization, containing a pottery hall, Nok clay heads, and a museum of traditional Nigerian architecture.

    Another place that looks cool in the state is the Rayfield Golf Club.

    The Rayfield Golf Club, founded in 1913, is one of the country’s oldest golf courses. This is an 18-hole public golf course that draws golfers from all around the world.

    4. Port Harcourt

    The city of port Harcourt was once the most beautiful and today is still holding the record of being one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

    It is only in Port Harcourt that you can go and will find almost every street has a good road, though the state has money because of the kind of oil that comes in.

    Port Harcourt is one of the best cities in Nigeria and has a lot of job opportunities for its citizens.

    5. Benin City

    The British destroyed Benin City and incorporated the monarchy into British Nigeria (which became Nigeria after the country gained independence in 1960).

    After it, the monarchy was no longer in charge of West Africa. Even now, the oba works as a government advisor in Benin City.

    Benin over the years has grown to be one of the best cities in Nigeria and performing extremely well in the areas of development and educational development too.

    It is one place filled with a lot of relaxation centres and still making waves in other sectors of the state.


    Which is the most beautiful city in Nigeria?

    We have taken the time to bring out some of the best cities in Nigeria and you should look at the list we have above. We have cities like Abuja, Jos, Lagos, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, and Benin City.

    Which place is the coolest in Nigeria?

    The coolest city in the whole of Nigeria is Jos (plateau)


    Looking at all the places we have mentioned here, there is no doubt you won’t have difficulties thinking of the places to go for your vacation.

    For more information and question, you can drop them and the comment section.

    You can also check our other post here at Healthvase to see some of the latest we have dropped.

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