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Cheapest Universities in South Africa for International Student

    Cheapest Universities in South Africa – This is one country in Africa that has been able to grow fast when it comes to economy and education.

    Just like every other big country, South Africa is investing so much in their educational sector, the reason for this is because they want to be able to compete with others at the international level.

    If you want to study in South Africa, it will be one of the best decisions you will make.

    The reason for compiling this is for you to know some of the best but cheap universities you can attend in the beautiful cities of South Africa.

    Knowing the place to go and their tuition fees will help you make your budget and know how much you will be spending daily and how to live your life.

    In this article, we have researched hed and discovered some cheapest universities in south Africa for international students that are not just good I’m teaching but has all the facilities needed for learning.

    As we earlier said, South Africa is a good place to be, it is one of the finest countries in Africa and has contributed a lot to the development of its people and Africa at large.

    We also found out that there are a large number of people who are constantly searching to see the Cheapest universities in South Africa but ends up getting fewer results.

    Here at healthvase, we have decided to save you that stress. Today we would be discussing some of those schools and how you can probably apply.

    We would equally be giving you some of the requirements needed for you to study in each of the universities we would mention here.

    When it comes to the educational development of men in Africa, South Africa is part of the leading name on the list after Seychelles.

    Cheapest Universities in South Africa for International Students

    Here are some of the Cheapest universities in South Africa you can attend.

    1. University of Pretoria

    In South Africa today, if you want to study in a place where you will feel the good breeze and trees giving you the perfect shield, this is the school for you.

    This is one of the Cheapest schools in south Africa, it is government owned.

    One of the things I like about this school is that it has all kinds of equipment and materials needed for each course with a good learning environment.

    The class or lecture rooms are very comfortable for all students and lecturers.

    If you are interested in studying any science-related course, the university of Pretoria will provide you with the best tutors.


    • Should have gotten admission into the school
    • Should he be ready to study

    2. University of Johannesburg

    This is also a Government owned school and has the highest number of international students in International South Africa.

    The university offer varieties of course in different fields, including art, science, engineering and so on.

    This is the favourite for International students who want to study most of the courses they offer.

    According to statistics issued last year, the University of Johannesburg has the largest number of graduates. This should reinforce your suspicions that this is not the school for you.

    The requirements to be eligible for all the schools that will be mentioned here are all the same.

    This area in South Africa has a high crime rate. As a result, you must constantly remain aware and take safety precautions.

    3. Rhodes University

    If you talk about the school with the highest number of students always making good grades in school, then you talk about Rhodes university.

    If you want to study courses like Law, Engineering, Management, medicine etc, this is the school that will give you the best result.

    They have graduated a lot of students who are currently doing well in their different fields of study.

    Because many of the academic staff members possess PhDs, you will be able to draw on their wealth of expertise.

    Spending time at the warm Capetonian may cause you to get carried away. So make the most of your time.

    4. University of Capetown

    The university is sited at the foot of table mountain in Capetown.

    It is seen as one of the most beautiful Universities in the world today and the most beautiful in Africa.

    • Economics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Health
    • Accounting
    • Public health and Family Medicine
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Philosophy
    • Law
    • Drama
    • Civil Engineering
    • Chemistry etc.

    5. Stellenbosch University

    This is one of the most popular universities in the world, located in about 100 countries in the world, this is to tell you how popular they are in this space.

    Within the 100 countries, they record about 300,000 students in total and it is one of the Cheapest schools you can get in any country you enter.

    With eight faculties under its banner, you may study courses in the arts, politics, and religion.

    If you tell your family everything about the school, I’m sure there would want to come to visit you one day to confirm the true story themselves.


    • You should carry your medical report
    • You should also have your study permit

    You can’t think of a better University than the ones we have mentioned here and there that will give you quality over quantity.


    Can I work in South Africa with a student Visa

    As a student with a student Visa, you can get part-time work and do it while you study and concentrate on your school.

    How long does it take for a student Visa to be approved in South Africa?

    If you want to study in South Africa and you have applied for your Visa, you should give 4 weeks before your Visa will be out.

    How much is South Afric Visa fee?

    If you want to get your south African Visa, you will pay a non-refundable fee of N8,600 in Nigerian Currency.

    How much is South African Passport?

    If you want to get a South African international passport, you should be ready to pay R.600


    South Africa is a great place and has some of the best universities in the whole of Africa.

    If you plan on studying in Soth Africa, look at some of the best universities that are also cheap.

    To get more of this kind of opportunity, always check here at Healthvase.

    For more information, don’t forget to leave a comment or join our social media group.

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