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Tips for Traveling with a Disabled Person

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People with physical disabilities should not be left at home while the family is going for a family trip or vacation. There are accessible travel options now available for people who are physically disabled. Taking them along makes them feel loved and they can freely associate with people, make new friends and also get to see the rest of the world.

Below we will be discussing some of the things you need to have at the back of your mind while planning for an all-inclusive family trip.

Thorough Planning

In every successful trip, adequate and timely planning is key. The challenges of traveling with a disabled person must be taken into consideration while planning a trip. The US disability act has made it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the same rights as people without.

There is provision for facilities and gadgets to help these people in places like hotels, transportations and other public facilities. Because of this, the US believes other countries should also follow the same principles. But sometimes it’s not always the case, always ensure you check with the location you are visiting to ensure they have facilities that support disabled people.

Also, you can find other resources which show you a step by step guide on how to handle wheelchairs, especially the electronic ones.

Accessible Accommodation

Hotels and other accommodation types you should consider booking must have adequate facilities for the disabled people. It is always advisable to contact the accommodation managers before hand describing the situation in hand and the facilities you are looking out for. This will enable the managers to either make it ready or make provision for such if they are not available.

Register in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

The US government provides a free service that lets travelers share their traveling information with the local US embassy located in that country. This will help you get notifications in terms of emergencies and other critical circumstances. Also, there’s another section that makes provision for travelers to provide information as it concerns any physical challenges.

Specialized Travel Agent

In today’s world, there is more access to travelers with physical disabilities in advanced countries. For group travelers, a specialized agent can arrange a routine that works for everyone, recommend hotels to book; which have the needed facilities per individual traveler and also make arrangements for specialized transport service to cater for the needs of the travelers.

Travel agents also have access to information concerning destinations that are accessible to physically disabled travelers. Also, there are companies that offer trips for those in wheelchairs.

Flying Assistance

It is advisable to notify the airline that you will need wheelchair assistance before boarding time. This will ensure the airline makes proper arrangements for this and also help the special travelers onboard faster. Travel agents can assist in getting all travelers through security and clear their luggage faster, family members should allow the agents to help in this situation.

If there’s any traveler going with his wheelchair it is a good idea to take any part that can be lost during storage. Every US commercial airplane that has a seating capacity of more than 60 which has an accessible bathroom, must have an aisle wheelchair. It is a good practice to ask for an aisle seat near the bathroom.


If someone traveling with you has a need for a wheelchair, especially those on manual wheelchairs, there is a need to make plans for a caregiver along the trip. Because this will be needed. Depending on the level of care each person needs, this will determine the caregiver to be employed for this task.

Make Use of Discounts

There are special discounts in some airlines for people with disabilities and the people traveling alongside them. There are some requirements to claim this discount from these airlines; be sure to check out the airline you plan to use if they offer such discounts, then find out their requirements. This will help you save some cash while on your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Airline is Best for Disabled?

Southwest airline is the best airline for anyone with physical disability. The airline allows all travelers boarding their plane the freedom to choose seats, and this is very helpful for people with physical disabilities.

How do you Travel with Someone in a Wheelchair?

It is advisable to inform the airline before time. This will ensure they make arrangements for such a passenger. Also, if you are to carry the wheelchair along, ensure to detach some parts that may fall off during storage.


It is a good experience going for a trip with everyone in the family, don’t let disability stop you from carrying a family member along. We have outlined the basic tips you need to follow for a saver and fulfilled trip with someone with any physical disability.

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