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United Arab Emirate Visa | How To Apply

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United Arab Emirate Visa – If there is one country I would always tell people to visit if your going for Vacation is Dubai.

No doubt the United Arab Emirate is one of the best places in the world with the best tourist centers situated at the beautiful city of Dubai.

Getting Visa to visit this country is a good idea, having in mind that your security is assured is also another big flex.

United Arab Emirate Visa is not easy to get especially for those who are from Nigeria and want to study or live on Dubai or any part of the country.

This is because of the recent issues that came up in the country involving some Nigerians causing violence in the country.

Just like other big countries like the United states of America, United Kingdom, Canada and the rest, to get their Visa is a big trouble as you will pass through so many process that seems to never end.

In this article, we have been able to discover some of the best ways you can Apply for Visa to UAE.

If you follow all the things we would mention here, you won’t have issues getting your Visa quick.

What is Visa?

A Visa is a professional document that allows you into and out of any country. It is just like a permit that will guide you into any country without worries or stoppages.

To get a Visa like we earlier mentioned is not easy but we have found a sure way of making it easily for you.

Types of Visa

Let’s discuss the types of Visa you cam get if your planning to travel to a country like UAE.

1. Work Visa

If you are going to UAE for work or you got employed, this is the type of Visa you need.

With this Visa you can go to UAE and perform your task but you are expected to leave the cou.try immediately your job period.

2. Student Visa

No doubt aside having one most beautiful cities in the world, they are also good when it comes to their educational development.

UAE offers this type of Visa to Nigerian student or any other student from another country who wish to study in UAE.

This is also one of the hardest Visa to get but worth getting if you want to experience quality education.

3. Tourist Visa

This type of Visa is given to people who are traveling to UAE for just tourist purpose.

This is one of the fastest visas to be given to any body who is going on a visit to see some of the beauties of any country.

Requirements For United Arab Emirate Visa

Here are some of the documents or things you need to fulfill before you can be considered.

  • A letter from the security agency showing that you have no criminal record
  • You will be submitting your Visa application form which should be correctly filled
  • You should present your International passport with the expiring date being more than the date of your return and having a free 2 pages.
  • You should also come with the copy of your passport data sheet
  • A letter clearly stating the purpose or the reason why your going to UAE
  • A copy of your previous visas if you have any
  • Your health insurance proof
  • Medical report
  • If your application is not made in your country of origin you should show your stay permit
  • You should have a means of identification like the national ID
  • You should proof that you have enough money that will be enough for you until leave UAE
  • You should also have an already booked hotel reservation
  • You should not be less than 35 years of age
  • If your receiving a financial support from anyone, their bank statement will also be required
  • If your going for business, you should have a letter explaining the type of business your going for
  • As a student you should have your admission letter from any accredited university in United Arab Emirate
  • If your going as a group, you should proof your group travel
  • Your flight ticket, showing date of entry and departure.
  • Visa Payment Fee

Don’t forget to gather all of the papers required under our United Arab Emirates visa requirements for Nigerian nationals now that you know which embassy to see in order to obtain a valid United Arab Emirates visa.

These documents are critical, and it is important to note that the UAE travel embassy may seek extra travel documents.

How To Apply For United Arab Emirate Visa

Make an appointment in with the embassy, for Nigerians, you can get it at  No 2, Columbia Close Office Colorado Street, Minister’s Hill, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone: (+234) 9 875 0270

Email: abuja@mofa.gov.ae

How Go Pay For United Arab Emirate Visa

To pay for this Visa, there are two or three steps to follow.

Step 1:  Pay Using your MasterCard

Here you will be paying for your Visa online using your Mastercard.

Step 2: through Bank Order

Here can go to the bank and request that your Visa feee to be paid with some details going will provide for them and it will be provided.

Step3: At the embassy

Here you will be required to go to the embassy through the address above and make the payment

When you have successfully paid for the Visa fee, the next is to fix an appointment with the embassy.


How much is UAE Visa ?

The average amount you can pay for your Visa is $160

Can I apply online?

Yes you can Apply for UAE Visa online and even resident permit through the online portal.

Is UAE or Dubai the same?

Dubai I one of the Emirates of UAE and you need the same Visa and passport to enter any of th emirate cities.

What is the Cheapest UAE Visa?

The cheapest United Arab Emirate Visa right now is the tourist Visa, you will be allow to stay there for just 30days, no much questions.


Going to UAE is a good way to enjoy your vacation with your family especially during summer.

For more information and question or even contribution, you can use the comment box.

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