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4 Rural Places to Visit in England | Top Picks

    Places to Visit in England – It is always very good when you go to a new environment and you are discovering new things.

    For people that live in England? do you know that there are places where you can go with your loved ones and have some of the best times of your life?

    England is not just a home for everyone. who want to have the best time of life but also for people who wish to tour round the great histories of the world.

    On yearly basis, a lot of tourists fly to England to experience the cosy nature of the country with good cultural heritage.

    I know it might sound weird but there are so many rural areas in England that you can go to and have the best time of your life.

    The city might look beautiful but there are some rural areas we have discovered in England where life is.

    In this article, we are going to look into some of those rural areas in England that have the best fun and are good for you and your family probably your partner.

    4 Rural Places to Visit in England

    PpppĺpEngland is a very large country with a large land mass, here are some of the places we have discovered just for you.

    1. Formby Point Merseyside

    England is blessed with so many rural places that are just too good for everyone.

    Formby has two stations that are close to the beach which is Formby and Fresh Field. So it’s simple; you’ll be able to get here with ease using public transportation.

    There are free parking spots, so bring your family and be prepared to enjoy every minute of your walk.

    You’ll probably spend approximately 35 minutes travelling from Southport and about 50 minutes drive from Liverpool, so the distance isn’t an issue.

    Let’s be guided that anyone who has any allergy like Sciurophobia, does not go close to this area.

    There are few people in this area, and it’s wonderful location to relax.
    Squirrels are incredibly clever creatures. 
    They are known to put on elaborate phoney food burial exhibitions to fool passersby. 
    It’s also enjoyable to see these natural activities from Formby Point on Merseyside.

    2. Cheshire

    Talk about a garden where you can relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere with your loved ones.
    A lot of people have suggested that anybody going to Cheshire should be going with their partner or lover.
    This is because the environment is not just a place where you will find family and friends playing around, it is just the perfect place to fall in love.
    You should also go to Beeston Castle and Woodland Park, which are located on a hill in Cheshire.

    3. Essex

    This is another beautiful place, located in a very rural area of England
    This place is surrounded by different villages that are very friendly and even do their festivals together due to the common thing that bound them together.
    If you prefer nighttime walks, there are over 3,500 kilometres of byways and public rights of way.

    4. Erewash Meadow in Nottinghamshire

    Erewash may be compared to a sluggish marshy river, indicating that the terrain is not easily crossable. Even if you pass, you must exercise extreme caution!

    Erewash is only 30 minutes away from anyplace in Nottingham or Derby.

    It is a well-preserved natural area that you should explore; an estimated 200 bird species have been reported there.

    If you are the type of person that would love to play with all kinds of birds then this is for you. You can go with your family.

    5. Flanders Moss

    Flanders moss is in Stirlingshire and is seen as one of the most beautiful villages in England and one of the most beautiful places to go out with your family and friends.

    A warning to the tourist visiting this area is that Flanders moss is home to bogs, so if you are not comfortable seeing bogs, you should not try to go close to this area.

    Aside from that, you will have the opportunity to see a lot of wildlife that will come out and give a little display just to entertain the tourists.


    How can I visit the English countryside?

    One of the reasons why I love England is their train system.
    If you’re looking for how you can visit the countryside or better called the rural areas through the train system.
    Most of the rural areas we mentioned here can be accessible by train or bus.

    Does England have rural?

    England have so many rural areas that have most of the beautiful things you can find in England, those attractions are what makes tourist come to England and thereby increase the business movements in the country.

    Is England worth visiting?

    England is a beautiful place and yes, it is worth visiting, it is one of the places you can go for a  vacation with your family and friends or even your partner.
    With so many recreational activities and parks, you can check out some of the places we have mentioned above to keep up to date on where to go.


    Over the years, England has always been one of the most beautiful places in the world with so many places you can visit to make your stay worth it.
    A lot of people think that England does not have any rural areas, well sorry but they do.
    We have been able to give you the details of all the places mentioned.
    All you need to do is to get your Visa ready because your next vacation should be in England to any of the places mentioned above.
    Let’s not forget that you can still go on to catch some movies to make your day good.
    For more information about any of the above mentioned rural areas, kindly leave a comment below.
    Here are we believe in giving you the best content, you can always check back to see our latest updates or You can also join our social media groups to get updates on all your latest content.

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