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Best Places To Visit in China | Top Picks

    Places To Visit in China – I can tell you that China is one of the places you can go and meet the best cities.

    Just like Thailand, China is also another big place you can go if you are interested in doing well in your business.

    Have in mind that 80% of the things you see starting from clothes to shoes and other things you see are all around the world.

    China just like Egypt have some of the world’s wonders and also a lot of attraction places for tourist.

    A lot of people go to China on yearly basis to see some of the best views they have including the great wall of China which is part of the wonders of the world.

    According to history, the wall has some of the best and greatest powers for those that believe in it, it is said that you can go there and make a wish and your prayers will be answered.

    In this article, we are going to look into. some of the best places in China where you can visit as a tourist and have the best time of your life or vacation.

    Remember, going to China means you need to get a Visa for just a tourist because you are going there to see the most beautiful places in the country.

    This should serve as a travel guide as here at Healthvase will keep updating you on some of the best places around the world you can go with your loved ones.

    Without waste of time, let’s go to China together and see some wonders.

    Best Places To Visit in China

    If you want to visit China for the first time or you are looking for where to visit in China, then you should read this till the end as we have provided the best places for you.

    1. Hongcun

    This is the official place for UNESCO as they named it their heritage site.

    Hongcun, meaning “Hong village,” is located in Hongcun village, Yi county, and Huangshan city in China.

    Hongcun has been in existence for almost nine hundred years, with a total population of 105 individuals.

    This is one of the most beautiful villages in China, very calm and with less pollution.

    If you travelling to China, we highly recommend you visit hongcun village to see some of the beauties of China.

    2. Gullin, China

    This is one of the places I stand strong to a pure centre of attraction in China, located in a rural area with about 1.5 million people.

    One of the things this place is known for is the waterside, a very beautiful place and seen like that in the world too.

    If you planning to move to China and you want a place where you can look out the window and see the beauties, here is a place for you.

    Ploughing a field in Goaton, learning how to produce hand-painted fans in Fuli, growing vegetables, and learning needlework from Yao women can all be done in a village near Yangshuo.

    I propose that you visit Gulliin during October, when the osmanthus blossoms and the city is flooded with their beautiful leaves, enhancing the atmosphere.

    3. The Shaolin Temple

    I know most of you have heard of Shaolin soccer and have equally watched the Chinese people play sometimes.

    We can’t talk about China and its heritage without taking notice of the Shaolin Temple which is one of the oldest temples in China.

    It wi be nice if you visit this place as it will expose you to a lot of things.

    This is a place of worship that has been in existence since the 5th century and is still kept holy to date.

    In China Buddha is like their major relation, the Shaolin temple has been there since and has always been a means of communication between the buddha and the worshipers.

    Legend has it that the popular Kong Fu was introduced to the Shaolin temple by the Indian monk Bodhidharma when he was travelling around China spreading Buddha teachings.

    Although hlthe stories about kon fu are just too many, whatever story you have heard is based on who is telling the story.

    4. Tiaamen Moutain

    When going for a sweet adventure in a place like China, Tiamen Moutain shouldn’t leave your list.

    Don’t be surprised if I tell you that the inspiration behind the legendary movie “Avatar” is gotten from here

    The shooting of the movies was on this mountain and it has served as a historic place for the Chinese people.

    If you have been there, you will realise that it is one of the most beautiful mountains anybody can visit in the world.

    So what are you waiting for, pack your bag and get ready to experience the best mountain with sweet waterfalls around it?

    5. Chengdu

    If you ask If there are still some creatures like the giant Panda, here is the home.

    For animal lovers that want to see different kinds of creatures, this is the place where you will see most of the animals you heard about when you were small in China.

    Travelling to china with all these on your head, I promise you will have the best fun.

    In these places, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best foods and witness some of their cultural festivals.

    China is just an ideal place for you and your family to go on vacation.


    What part of China should I visit?

    There are so many tourist centres in China and we have taken the time to bring out some of the best places.

    Is China worth visiting?

    China is one of the greatest places you can visit as a tourist or a business person.  China is worth visiting and you should add it to your resume.

    Is China Tourist Friendly?

    This is one of the world’s best places to visit if you are a tourist person and you should have it on your list


    Here we have been able to produce some of the best places you can visit in China.

    For more information, you can leave a comment below.

    Remember to visit to see other places you can visit.

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